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How Mike Went From "STRUGGLING To Keep The Lights On" To Generating $100k+/month In Client-Based Projects... Without Any Complicated Marketing:

Golden nuggets covered in this interview:

  • How Mike attracts & closes an abundance of incredible clients that pay him $9.8k-$25k for each project, and deeply value his work
  • The marketing & sales secret that everyone’s missing which gave Mike the superpower to attract infinite leads whenever he wants
  • How to effectively get more appointments & clients so you don’t procrastinate or waste time trying to become a marketing ‘guru’
  • The blueprint to ethically increasing your prices and where to find clients who happily pay good money to work with you
  • How to create your own productized offer that you can be proud of… rather that being a second-hand version of everybody else out there
  • The #1 lead gen strategy you need to do every day to generate high-value clients everyday via platforms like Facebook & LinkedIn
  • The shocking reason Mike wasted over $200k on courses, before getting help from Jan and other mentors
  • Why someone would pay YOU $5k-$25k for your service… and how long it realistically takes to get to 6-figures a month
  • The secret to making the ClientHook™ system work properly and why it’s ultimate client acquisition method
  • What Mike would do differently if he could rewind the ~8 years of failure with his client business. This one could save you millions.
  • How to accelerate your learning curve and create more freedom in your business via paid traffic & automation (when to run ads)
"We went from trying to sell our packages at $2k-$4k (and really struggling)... to now selling our packages at almost $10,000 per package. I even have an $18k high-end coaching program we're selling. All that came from my original strategy session with Jan." Update: Mike is now consistently selling $24k packages & doing well over $100,000+ per month as The Makeover Master.
Mike Young
The Makeover Master
"When I was on my own I was at ~$1.2k/month [..]. Went up on my ticket price & I'm almost at $10k/mo right now. [..] When you gave me those scripts: They WORK bro. People came to ME. Before, I was putting my FB ads & hoping for the best. With your strategy: it's great when you wake up & your week is already planned with calls. It's a steady flow now, and that's something I did not have before I met you guys!"
Bernard Deronne
Marketing Consultant
"Getting tons of new clients thanks to ClientCore. Jan is the type of person that if it's not the right fit, or it's not the right timing... he's gonna tell you that. He only wants clients that he knows he can deliver great results for. If the timing is not right, he'll tell you to move in a different direction and come back when you're ready. There's that integrity behind that which you can really trust and appreciate."
Chris Saxtan
FB Ads Expert
"I've wasted so much time on ClickFunnels & other programs. You're losing time doing it yourself. Rather than doing all these different courses, go to ClientCore. It'll get you there faster, with CLARITY. I know now that you're completely genuine in what you do. You've also helped me bring my true, genuine, authentic self to the table, which means I'm attracting more of those people. Thank you for that."
Sharon Kenny
Dating Coach

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